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Support and FUN for the partnership of a lifetime!

Are You and Your Dog Looking to Be More Active and Social Together?

While you are enrolled in the Glimmer Dog Program, you can also join the Canine Lifestyle Community (CLiC) where you’ll receive the support you need to continue and maintain your pups training journey! CLiC is designed to provide lifelong enrichment and social skill development for dogs of all ages, so whether your dog is a playful pup or a seasoned companion, our group setting will offer a dynamic environment where your pup can be active, thrive, and embark on exciting adventures with you.

As your dog explores new skills and builds lasting connections with their canine peers during our group adventures, you too will connect with like-minded dog parents. Join us in fostering a community where shared experiences and mutual support create a recipe for success!

Not a member of the Glimmer Dog Program? Contact us to see if you’re ready to join CLiC!  

What Kinds of Activities Are Involved?

Pretty much anything under the sun! The goal is to give you and your dog the opportunity to try new places and activities together, while also building a community of peers that will support you in your journey to meet your dog’s needs!

Activities are scheduled based on community needs and interests.  Popular options include:

Group Walks

Forrest School Mini Sessions

(1 hour dog/human socials)


Beach Trips

Shopping Trips

Cafe/Brewery Trips

Movie Nights

*Agility/Sports Foundation





4 Sessions: $130/Month
6 Sessions: $190/Month
8 Sessions: $245/Month
10 Sessions or more per month: $25/session 
Unlimited Sessions: $500/Month

*Additional Charges Do Apply

How Do I Join the
Canine Lifestyle Community?

Are you a member of the Glimmer Dog Program already? Ask your trainer about joining!

Not a Glimmer Dog Program member, contact us to learn about assessment and requirements for joining CLiC!

Are You Ready to Join a Community of Pet-Parents Who Support You and Your Dog?

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