Common Questions

What is a Family Dog Mediator and why should I hire one?

A Family Dog Mediator is a type of dog trainer but so much more. They are trained to apply the L.E.G.S. model for a holistic approach to understanding who your dog is and why he thinks and behaves the way he does. L.E.G.S. stands for Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self. By first comprehensively encouraging you to understand all parts of your dog AND by taking the needs of the family into consideration, a FDM will implement creative strategies for peaceful resolution to the issues you and your dog might be struggling with. Training alone often only offers a temporarily solution to a deeper problem. You want a Family Dog Mediator if you are looking for true emotional and behavioral wellness for the whole family. If you want to learn more, please see the Family Dog Mediation website.

Why can't I just book sessions by the hour?

My approach relies on building a relationship with you and your dog. This simply cannot be accomplished in a single session. We begin by addressing welfare deficits and applying management strategies to give you and your dog immediate relief. But we won't stop there. My goal is always transformative healing of emotional and behavioral health and this takes time. Your relationship with your dog is worth the investment!

What are your hourly rates if I want to book additional sessions after my package is completed?

You will receive a coupon code upon completion of your package which will not only give you priority booking but will also entitle you to a discount on the below rates. Your discount will be based on the size of the package you completed.

$130 follow up 60 minute session (Virtual)

$150 follow up 60 minute in person session (travel charges apply)

What are your travel fees?

I use the GSA rate of $.655 per mile from my home address in Marlborough, MA. When you fill out your intake form, you can request a quote for travel fees. I also routinely work in the Glastonbury, CT area up to 4 days per month and travel there is split based on the number of clients I am serving. The total travel charge is $118.

Why aren't you talking about obedience training? What if I've already done obedience training with my dog?

Dogs need skills in order to understand and live in our world with behavioral and emotional health. I do not find traditional obedience alone to be a predictor of wellness or preventative of later behavioral challenges. My approach is much more comprehensive and customized to the individual dog, family, and environmental circumstances. I start with welfare, making sure the dog's species and breed specific needs for exercise, enrichment, and nutrition are being met. Starting with obedience without meeting needs will make things much harder for everyone and may even assure serious long term challenges. With a strong foundation of wellness in place, we will then address clear and consistent communication skills between you and your dog which will set you up for a lifetime of joy at home and in the world.

What is the significance of the name "Glimmer Dog"?

We all are influenced by something called a negativity bias which has the evolutionary function of keeping us safe. As useful as this is, it can create a situation where we're looking for danger in places it doesn't exist. Especially when we're living with a challenging dog, we can get ourselves into a state of hyper-vigilance. Our dogs co-regulate with us. This is where the practice of noticing Glimmers can really help. Everyone finds Glimmers in different situations but you'll know one when you feel calm and safe. A beautiful sunrise, a kiss from your dog, the wind in the trees while you hike, a bird's song. Things you find beautiful or peaceful or filled with momentary joy. The more you look for them and feel their peace, the more you'll want to find more.