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Glimmer Dog also offers online course materials, group classes, virtual behavior consultations, board and train, and emergency support for families in re-homing situations.

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Online Course Materials and
Virtual Support

Embark on a transformative journey with our online course. This course is designed to provide clients with the essential foundational knowledge needed to foster a strong and fulfilling training journey with their dogs. The materials are resourced not only from Tara, but from some of the best minds in the professional dog training industry.

SAFE Walks Group Class

This open enrollment group class meets weekly for six weeks but you can join anytime. After graduation, you will be invited to join the CLiC walking and field trips group to keep your skills working for you and your dog. Tara will teach you how your pup reads not only other dogs’ body language, but human body language as well! You’ll learn how your dog’s interpretation impacts their feelings and behaviors, and how you can help them feel and behave better. This class is great for dogs who pull on leash or could just use some extra practice with calm walking in new and distracting situations and is also open to dogs in the Glimmer Dog Program with trainer permission. For dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs, people, cars, bikes, etc., please see the Glimmer Dog Program. Join this community initiative to raise our collective dog IQ so we can support one another and make walks more fun and easy for all dogs and their humans.


Virtual Behavior Consultations and Rehoming Support

If you have behavior concerns and are interested in working with Glimmer Dog, but live outside our service area, or in the event of an emergency or re-homing situation, we offer support and guidance via a 90 minute zoom consultation and provide you with notes and resources as you navigate this difficult decision.

This service also includes 2, 30 minute follow up zooms, 2 and 6 weeks post the initial consultation.

If you currently have urgent, serious behavior concerns leading you to consider rehoming your dog, please contact us and listen to Navigating Difficult Decisions: A Story about Rehoming with Tara Stillwell

If this is not an emergency, we also invite you to check out our Online Course Materials and Virtual Support Service.


*Sliding scale available, please inquire

Board and Train

Available to dogs who have been members of the Glimmer Dog Program that meet specific criteria, please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Foundations Dogs Investment : $175 – $200/day
Transitions Dogs Investment: $150/day
Maintenance Dogs Investment: $95/day

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