Private Training

Glimmer Together

You and your dog are struggling a little (or a lot). You want joy and connection! I provide transformative, empowering coaching and creative solutions to common challenges at home and out in the world.

  • Identify and meet needs for both you and your dog
  • Decode stories that inform feelings and behavior
  • Respond compassionately to your dog and yourself
  • Modify your environment for a successful bond with your dog
  • Trust based handling at home and at the vet
  • Enrich and connect - Sheep Balls, hiking, recreational nosework, paddleboarding, skijoring, bikejoring!

Let's Work Together!

  1. Fill out New Client Intake Forms
  2. I will contact you to schedule your 90 minute Initial consult
  3. Complete "The Dog's Truth" video class, included in Initial Consult cost ($100 value)
  4. Choose your support package

All Support Packages Include

  • Email support during business hours
  • Customized instructional support and resources after each session


$195 - Initial Consult and "The Dog's Truth"

In Person
Serving Marlborough, MA and Glastonbury, CT

  • 4 session package $570
  • 6 session package $810
  • 10 session package $1200


  • 4 session package $494
  • 6 session package $699
  • 10 session package $1040

Matchmaking Consultations

Glimmer Quest

Save time, money, and future problems. Professional guidance choosing the right dog for your personality, lifestyle, and environment.


  • Initial call: 90 minutes
    • Identify your starting point, knowledge base, and expectations
    • Discuss resources and potential paths to finding a dog that is best suited to your preferences, goals, and lifestyle
    • Detailed recommendations and resources after call
  • A Dog's Truth online course ($100 value)
  • Email support during business hours for two months
  • Two follow up calls (60 min each) to be booked within the next two months during your dog search
  • Priority booking and 10% discount on Glimmer Brighter package after adoption of adult dog (or when your puppy is ready for this next step)
  • Custom referral to a puppy raising expert for those who choose to adopt a puppy


$455 (over $800 value + the right dog = Priceless!)

Available in my service area or by special arrangement

  • Assessing dog in person
  • Home visit to evaluate and set up appropriate environment for prospective dog

Package Extensions

  • Liaison services between rescue or breeder
  • Dog search
  • Extended email support

Glimmer Home

Support when considering the difficult decision of rehoming. Sometimes letting go is the path to joy for everyone.

You've done all the things and it's just not working out. You love this dog so much but you're suffering, your dog is suffering, and you just can't see your way out. I've been there. I understand. It might not feel like it now, but there is a way where everyone can thrive. It might take some time and you're going to need support, but together, we can get there.


  • Initial Session - Virtual - 90 minutes
    • Review of your intake information
    • Listen to your story and concerns
    • Provide insight for immediate relief
    • Detailed follow up information, customized resources and recommendations
  • Second Call - Virtual - 60 minutes
    • Support in making decisions as to how to proceed with rehoming and/or additional sessions
  • A Dog's Truth online course ($100 value)
  • Email support during business hours for two months (extension available)
  • Priority booking into Glimmer Together with discount as appropriate to situation
  • Priority booking into Glimmer Quest with discount as appropriate to situation


$300 (over $450 value)

Pricing of additional sessions are at the same rates as Private Training