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The Glimmer Dog Program

The Glimmer Dog Program is a unique blend of private training, Forrest School, and engaging group social events as part of our Canine Lifestyle Community, designed to address your dog’s behavioral, social, and emotional needs. Imagine a training approach that fills in the missing pieces, creating a well-rounded and fulfilled canine companion. Whether it’s one-on-one attention, the enriching environment of our Forrest School, or the dynamic social interactions at our group events, we have the perfect mix to help your dog feel and behave better while also helping you achieve your training goals.

What is Forrest School?

Forrest School is our unique approach to canine enrichment and training, where we go beyond conventional methods by immersing dogs in an environment that prioritizes autonomy and skill development simultaneously. Unlike traditional training, Forrest School allows dogs to explore, learn, and make choices in a safe and natural setting. We facilitate a group learning environment that helps your dog learn social and self-regulation skills in a contextual way that helps them function more effectively in the world and in their homes. 

*Transportation is provided 1-way

What Are Private Lessons?

Private lessons are your gateway to seamlessly integrating what your dog is learning at Forrest School into your daily life. In these personalized sessions, we’ll focus on addressing specific concerns unique to you and your dog. This is not just about teaching cues; it’s a collaborative process where you, the pet parent, learn how to teach and support your dog effectively. Together, we’ll tailor a specialized enrichment and exercise program, ensuring it aligns perfectly with everyone’s needs.

What Is the Canine Lifestyle Community?

Canine Lifestyle Community’s social events are designed to incorporate you and your dog into activities with other pet parents and their canine companions, helping to build your dog’s social skills and helping you build a community of like-minded pet parents who will be a part of your village when it comes to raising your pup!

How Does the Glimmer Dog Program Work?

In Home Session and Forrest School Assessment
What is L.E.G.S?

Online Course and Virtual Consultation

The first step in the Glimmer Dog Program is to schedule your hour-long virtual consultation. As a Family Dog Mediator, I’ll use the LEGS model to gain a clear picture of both you and your dog, providing us with the foundation to collaborate in our work together. Additionally, you’ll enroll in our Online Course where you’ll have access to a library of course materials sourced from experts that will give you the knowledge you’ll need to join the Glimmer Dog Program.

Investment: $200

After your virtual consultation, you’ll schedule your first In-Home Session and hour and a half Forrest School Assessment. I will also learn the specifics of your dog’s social skills and play style to match him with Forrest School classmates.

Investment: $250

Total Investment : $450
*This stage must be completed before joining the Foundation Stage of The Glimmer Dog Program

In our Foundation Stage of the Glimmer Dog Program, our goal is to help your dog gain the skills and experiences they will need to live their best life.  We’ll teach you how to understand and communicate with your dog as you grow into an aware and capable partner in your increasingly harmonious relationship. 

For You:
Learn the art of seamlessly integrating your dog’s skills into your life at home. We focus on honing your ability to exercise your dog on non-Forest School days, both individually and during Canine Lifestyle Community (group social) events. As part of the Foundation Stage, you’ll begin implementing at-home enrichment strategies and cultivating social currency, laying the foundation for a strong bond.

For Your Dog:
Our program emphasizes developing crucial self-regulation skills for your dog. This includes patiently waiting at gates and doors, and responding to recall cues and human body language. Additionally, they will relax during designated rest times and become adept at reading other dogs’ body language during social interactions. Introduction to stationing and conditioned relaxation adds another layer to their skill set.

The Foundation Stage of the Glimmer Dog Program Includes : 

  • 4 Private Lessons  (up to 2 in-home)
  • 4 Sessions of Forrest School  (includes one-way transportation)
  • Ability to Join Canine Lifestyle Community when approved by trainer

Investment: $1140/Month

*Most dogs spend 2 months at this Stage

*Additional travel charges apply based on location

In the Transition Stage of the Glimmer Dog Program, we empower both you and your dog to navigate daily life with increased confidence and proficiency, tailoring skills to seamlessly integrate into your unique lifestyle.

For You:
This Stage is designed to instill confidence in your at-home skills, ensuring they align seamlessly with your particular lifestyle. Whether you’re working to meet your dog’s exercise and enrichment needs at home or at Canine Lifestyle Community events, we’ll help you enhance your proficiency in doing so! The Transition Stage will also prepare you to navigate real-life scenarios with ease, fostering a harmonious partnership with your canine companion.

For Your Dog:
Your dog’s increased mastery of self-regulation skills takes center stage in the Transition Stage. They will showcase an increased ability to stay on station with higher-stage distractions, releasing only to their own name while in the company of other canine friends who are also working at Forrest School. Leash walking becomes a breeze with minimal pulling, and waiting at doors and gates becomes second nature. A solid recall and call-off are mastered, and if desired, they can explore hikes off-leash while maintaining a 30-foot radius (can be on a long line).

The Transition Stage of the Glimmer Dog Program Includes : 

  • 2 Private Lessons  (up to 1 in home)
  • 4 Sessions of Forrest School  (includes one-way transportation)
  • Ability to Join Canine Lifestyle Community

Investment : $770/Month
*Time to complete this stage varies

*Additional travel charges apply based on location


Our maintenance Stage means becoming a member of our Canine Lifestyle Community, or maintaining your current membership!

Learn More about the Canine Lifestyle Community!

At this Stage, private training sessions can be purchased individually on a “as-needed” basis.

At Home Session Investment : $120
*Travels charges may apply

At Glimmer Dog Session Investment : $100

How Do You Get Started with
The Glimmer Dog Program?

1. Contact us to ask any questions or schedule your virtual consult!

2. Join our Glimmer Dog Program and learn how to meet all of your dog’s needs.

3. Enjoy the life-long bond you’ll build with your dog during your program!

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