Dog Training for Your Real Life

Is day to day with your dog a struggle? Let us help you build a joyful life with your dog.

Whether your high energy dog needs an outlet for their extra enthusiasm, or your dog’s behavior issues are affecting your relationship with them, we’ll help you figure out ways to have your dog thrive in our two-legged world, making life better for your whole family!

We specialize in helping pet parents understand their dog’s behavior, while also learning how to change it. Our goal is to guide you through the journey of raising a socially, emotionally, and behaviorally healthy dog.

Join us at Glimmer Dog Training, where we know that it’s harder to be a pet than you might think. As a Family Dog Mediator, our trainer will help you move beyond just “training” your dog, and will help bring you both closer together and create a happier, healthier and more understanding relationship between you and your pup.

Our Services

The Glimmer Dog Program

Have other training programs failed to meet your expectations or help you and your dog meet your goals? Odds are your dog’s needs aren’t being met! Join us for the Glimmer Dog Program where we combine Forrest School, Private Training Sessions, and Group Events to help your dog be the best they can be!

Canine Lifestyle Community

Keeping your dog happy, healthy, and enriched isn’t a sprint to the finish line, it’s a life-long stroll together. Our Canine Lifestyle Community is meant to help you continue to meet your dog’s social, emotional, and behavioral needs, long after your training package has ended, while still having access to your trainer to support you, and to help you maintain the hard work you’ve both done!

Online and Other Services

Are you looking to dip your toes into the world of training your dog, we have online programs to get you started as well as group classes, board and train services, and rehoming support for those in need of guidance.

Our Training Philosophy

At Glimmer Dog Training, our philosophy centers around the transformative L.E.G.S Model. We believe in nurturing a dog’s well-being through a balanced approach encompassing Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self. By providing tailored learning experiences, optimizing the external conditions of a dog’s world, respecting their unique genetic makeup, and prioritizing internal well-being, we create a comprehensive training journey. Our goal is to guide both you and your canine companion towards a harmonious and joyful life, fostering a deep connection rooted in understanding and positive reinforcement. Join us as we embrace the L.E.G.S Model, ensuring that your dog’s training experience is as unique and exceptional as they are.


Hear From Glimmer Dog Graduates!

Tara was incredibly thorough and perceptive in her assessment of the dog and our home situation. She has a wealth of knowledge about dog’s behavior, and humans, too. Her suggestions and resources were relevant and immediately helpful. We are so grateful for her! – E.N. and Frankie
Tara helped us integrate a 5 year old rehomed Border Collie into our family. The dog has some medical and behavioral challenges that have impacted her ability to trust new people and situations. Tara’s assistance has been invaluable. She has helped make a potentially difficult transition for us and our new dog a joyful and rewarding experience. We couldn’t recommend her more highly or enthusiastically! – M.L. and B.G.
My dog loves going to forest school at Glimmer Dog and is noticeably gaining in confidence and learning new things. Tara personalizes the training to bring out the best in all the dogs as well as helping them overcome issues such as being scared of noises and new situations and people… T.W. and Kelcy

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