Glimmer Dog

You love your WILD CHILD, but ...

dog pulling on the leash

Glimmer Dog specializes in high energy dogs with big feelings.

You want that bond with your dog, that soul connection. You feel it at times but then he starts barking like crazy at the delivery truck and can't calm back down. You try to take her out jogging but she's all over the place, dragging you around and it's just no fun. You want to give your pup (and you) the life you've dreamed of, but right now it seems pretty impossible.

dog and person running in a field

Put frustration, guilt, embarrassment, or resignation behind you. Hope, progress, and real results are just ahead. My unique, comprehensive program will give you and your dog the skills and confidence to shine!

But unlike other options, I don't stop there. You'll be joining a community of people with dogs like yours who are out enjoying life together and supporting each other. Hikes, walks, agility, bikejoring, trips to the beach, hanging at the brewery - Glimmer Dogs and their people do dog life together!

Success Stories

Tara was incredibly thorough and perceptive in her assessment of the dog and our home situation. She has a wealth of knowledge about dog's behavior, and humans, too. Her suggestions and resources were relevant and immediately helpful. We are so grateful for her!

E.N. and Frankie

Frankie enjoying decompression in nature

Frankie enjoying decompression in nature

Dogs need to continually learn, just like people do. I have a 10-year-old border collie who has recently become more vocal & demanding. After one session with Tara, I have noticed that her barking for treats has subsided. It is because of Tara's insight, knowledge and training.

G.L. and Indigo

Indigo loves her new food based enrichment!

Indigo loves her new food based enrichment!

Tara helped us integrate a 5 year old rehomed Border Collie into our family. The dog has some medical and behavioral challenges that have impacted her ability to trust new people and situations. Tara’s assistance has been invaluable. She has helped make a potentially difficult transition for us and our new dog a joyful and rewarding experience. We couldn’t recommend her more highly or enthusiastically!

M.L. and B.G.

Mutual play is a great way to build relationships

Mutual play is a great way to build relationships