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Glimmer Dog

Brighter Training, Joyful Relationships

You prioritize relationship with your dog . The "standard" approach doesn't feel right. You're looking for something different, something better.

  • Resolved Behavior Challenges
  • Enhanced Wellness
  • Trust based handling
  • Connected Adventures

Glimmer Dog's welfare first approach integrates unique and customized science-based training with insightful support for the human family. I also offer hard-to-find support in rehoming with love and in matchmaking with your dog-to-be.


Success Stories

Tara was incredibly thorough and perceptive in her assessment of the dog and our home situation. She has a wealth of knowledge about dog's behavior, and humans, too. Her suggestions and resources were relevant and immediately helpful. We are so grateful for her!

E.N. and Frankie

Frankie enjoying decompression in nature

Frankie enjoying decompression in nature

Dogs need to continually learn, just like people do. I have a 10-year-old border collie who has recently become more vocal & demanding. After one session with Tara, I have noticed that her barking for treats has subsided. It is because of Tara's insight, knowledge and training.

G.L. and Indigo

Indigo loves her new food based enrichment!

Indigo loves her new food based enrichment!

Tara helped us integrate a 5 year old rehomed Border Collie into our family. The dog has some medical and behavioral challenges that have impacted her ability to trust new people and situations. Tara’s assistance has been invaluable. She has helped make a potentially difficult transition for us and our new dog a joyful and rewarding experience. We couldn’t recommend her more highly or enthusiastically!

M.L. and B.G.

Mutual play is a great way to build relationships

Mutual play is a great way to build relationships